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  • The 44th Lebanese Individual Championship

    Antoine Kassis did it again Before embarking on reporting on the championship, a word of apology must be addressed to my dear readers, for not covering the event round by round, due to some circumstances that were out of control. At least I succeeded in taking some revenge by attending the last round, and then …

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  • Round 6 of the 43rd Olympiad – Batumi 2018

    Round 6 of the 43rd Olympiad – Batumi 2018 A missed victory Watching the games live, one can easily predict the results of the match between Lebanon and Luxembourg. Fadi has an excellent end game position against his IM opponent, Amr already winning with his excellent tactical maneuver in his favorable King’s Indian against his …

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  • Round 1 of the 43rd Lebanese Individual Championship 2017

    A fighting round When observing the games of the starting round of the final stage of the championship, you get the feel of the eagerness of the players to play chess. This is usual after a somewhat long break away from the classical tournament(s). I will make a brief board by board description of those interesting …

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  • 43rd Lebanese Individual Championship 2017

    Senior, Young, and in-between. In this introductory report of the supreme national title, I decided to make it a little bit a non-classical report. The reason? Samir Sursock is back and will play in the Final! Samir Sursock: FM 2101 It was a coup d’état from the LCF to invite him as one of the …

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  • 42nd Lebanese individual Chess Championship 2016 – Final Stage

    42nd Lebanese individual Chess Championship 2016 – Final Stage Does Elo rating matter? Before embarking in this pre-report on the most prestigious national event, let me send a word of congratulation for the new Lebanese Chess Federation board, headed by Mr. Izzat Kraytem, for its new formation. I am sure that, with what it is …

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  • Lebanon at Asian Nations Cup 2016: Watch out guys!

    I was very reluctant in writing this article, as I knew by a pure coincidence that Lebanon was participating in the Asian Nations Cup in Abu Dhabi. By browsing the chess-results site, UAE page, it was a happy surprise to see Lebanon among the nations list. Another click on the team composition link put a …

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  • 40th Lebanese Individual Championship – Final Stage – Round 7

    Round 7: A Marathon Round With 6 hours of play and 124 moves executed on board 3, Bassel Charaf and Faisal Khairallah demonstrated what the Lebanese players can do. A highly technical endgame arose, where Faisal kept the pressure; by sacrificing his knight for Black’s 2 remaining pawns, Bassel kept his chances alive, hoping that …

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  • 34th Christmas Soviet Alumni Open 2012

    Ahmad Najjar won it, with 5.5 points A quick 10 moves draw against Tarek Moudallal was enough for FM Ahmad Najjar to clinch the lead of the 34th edition of the Soviet Alumni Open 2012. 3 players, with 5 points each, shared the 2nd place: Marwan Nassar, Bassel Sharaf and Tarek Moudallal. In 5-6 places, …

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  • Rounds 3 & 4 of the Christmas Soviet alumni Open 2012

    Clashes continue on top boards After beating Ibrahim Chahrour in round 3, Ahmad Najjar hd to face another Lebanese championship finalist, the dangerous Bassel Sharaf. It seems that the Modern Defense is on its trend, as Najjar  used it to beat Bassel, who found himself a piece down after a dozen of moves! Although the …

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  • Round 2 of Christmas Soviet Alumni Open 2012

    Sacrifices on the top boards The spectators weren’t disappointed as they followed the exciting encounters between Ahmad Najjar and Amir Abou ElHusn. The former, playing Black, adopted the Modern Defense against Amir, and it wasn’t a defense, but an attack!! The battle took rage on the center, then it switched to the king side where …

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