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Insight Interview with GM Ernesto Inarkiev

Insight Interview with GM Ernesto Inarkiev

Date of birth: 9th of December 1985

Place of Birth: Ingushetia, Russia

Place of Residence: Moscow

Current rating:


Future rating:

-Top 10

Your favorite color:


Your favorite food:

-Ingush food

Your favorite drink:

-Pomegranate juice

Music you like to listen to:

-All styles

The best non-chess book you ever read:

-No favorite

The best chess book you evert read:

-The same, but I prefer the books written by world champions or their coaches

Your best result ever?

-Champion of Europe 2016

Your best game ever?

-Versus Gelfand, with Black 2017, Palma de Mallorca, also vs Postny,  Batumi 2018, and as White vs Salem Saleh in 2017

The game that you wished to be the winner of?

-I like to be the winner that brings the world title! And in place of Kasparov in his game vs Tukmakov 1085

Your favorite piece?

-A big king!

Your favorite square?

-No favorite

Your Favorite/idol chess player(s)?

-I don’t have any, but I like Fischer as a child, then Tal, and Karpov and Kasparov

What distinguishes you as a chess player?

-Fighting spirit, difficult to accept the draw, and to play interesting and fighting games

Who or what would you like to be if you weren’t yourself?

-You should be happy with what you have

Which person or personality you would like or wished to meet?

-The prophet Mohammad

Your strong point in your personality?

-Fighting spirit

Your weak point in your personality you like to remove?

-I can’t name, but I am working on removing them

Your favorite place in the world (or like to go to)?

-Generally my home (Ingushetia), but now Moscow

Your aim/target in life?

-As now, focusing on chess

A hobby that you would like to learn/practice?


What chess gave to you?

-It is a profession, a hobby, a joy, a satisfaction like art (i.e. painting)

What chess took from you?

-Chess took time, so you can’t produce or build something materials (like houses)

What you like to change in the chess rules?

-I am satisfied with the current rules, but something to make less draw

Your message/advice to Fide/?


Carlsen, Caruana, or?

-Carlsen – Kramnik is the match that I hoped to occur.

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