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10th Inter-Universities Individuals and teams Championship 2012

On the 3rd of March 2012, the Haigazian University organized its 10th edition of the Inter Universities Individuals and teams championship under the auspices of the Lebanese Universities Federation. 41 players took part from 10 different universities, and your servant had the honor to take the post of the Chief Arbiter of this well organized …

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17th Lebanese Individual Women Championship 2012

17th Lebanese Individual Women Championship 2012 Suzanne Mouradian:  Champion for the 6th times   Without any loss, and conceding just one draw, Suzanne Mouradian won the 17th edition of the Lebanese individual championship. The event was held at the Ararat Chess Club, managed by Mr. Nazareth  Seukunian, whose big efforts, in collaboration with the Chief …

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2012 Individual Championship Qualification stage

In the new qualification system adopted by the Lebanese Chess Federation for the honorable Individual title, 49 players took part in a 9-rounds Swiss system. As decided by the federation board, the top 7 in the final ranking will join the top 5 active rated players of the Lebanese Fide list. These top 5 are: …

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2012 Interclubs Blitz Championship

Ansar: Sole winner 16 teams, representing 16 different chess clubs across Lebanon, took part in the 2012 interclubs Blitz championship, which was held in the municipality of Saida. 7 rounds were on the schedule, with 6 players as main players of the team and 6 as reserves, with 5 minutes plus 2 seconds per move …

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38th Lebanese Individual Chess Championship

12 gladiators ready for the fight This Thursday will be the Day, when the 12 finalists will start the fight for the ultimate national title, the Champion of Lebanon. (Who is the best) will be the question that the spectators and followers of the championship will ask. For a period of 11 days (from 6th …

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Arab U18 and U20 2011 Championships – March 2012

Arab U18 and U20 2011 Championships – March 2012 Amr El-Jawish took the bronze in the U20 category Yes. No mistakes in the title. The U16-20 2011 Arab Championships were pushed from last year to the current one, due to the spring or autumn or whatever season name Arab revolutions (no politics here!) which occurred …

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Beirut 5th International Open Championship 2012

Kotanjian: the sole winner With the participation of 80 players from 11 different countries, among them were 3 Grand Masters, 1 Woman Grand Master, and several International and Federal masters, this distinguished event took part in the playing hall of the Amicale Des Freres Chess Club. The foreigner top seeded player was the GM Tigran …

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Istanbul Olympiad 2012

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Lebanese Individual Blitz Chess Championship 2012

Lebanese Individual Blitz Chess Championship 2012 Youth Domination!!!! And yes! They did it, and for the three steps of the podium. It is another sign that something has started to happen in Lebanese chess, as was shown in the final standing of the national individual blitz championship, which was held last Sunday at the Salahiyeh …

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Lebanese U18 & U20 championships 2012

Lebanese U18 & U20 championships 2012 The hope of the new generation Though it was a little bit moved to the late of June, and limited number of participants in each category(7 in U18, and 6 in U20), as the round Robin system was adopted in each one, the 2 events were successful. The events …

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Lebanese Youth Individual Chess Championship 2012

The Lebanese Chess Federation, headed by the new presidential board Mr. Nabil Badr, organized the National Youth Championship (Under 8 -16) and was hosted at College Notre Dame de Jamhour, during March 2012.  The event was a successful one due to the participation of more than 110 players distributed in 10 different categories, and to …

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