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Round 1 of the 38th Lebanese Individual Chess Championship

Round 1 of the 38th Lebanese Individual Chess Championship

Blood on all boards


That’s the least of what we can say after watching the games. The tension in every match was so high to a certain extend that the player with the more stable psych prevails.

On table number one, Amro ElJawish, playing Black against Ahmad Najjar,  played at the early stage of the game, several low-rated moves (like 8..Qe8, instead of the normal 8..Na6 or even QxQd1), after which Ahmad didn’t give his opponent any chance to equalize.

Table number two was the witness of Jamal Shamiyeh, playing white against Mohammad Mikati,  collecting 4 pawns after just 12 moves!! Mohammad tried his best to complicate Jamal’s task. He got his chance, after an imprecise move from Jamal,  when he could equalize at move 50(!) by playing Qa2 (instead of Qb2). But this opportunity passed away.

A solid game on table three was played between Dr. Mahmoud Maasarani (White) against the defending champion Faisal Khairallah. The later profited from a couple of imprecise moves from his opponent, to snatch a pawn. The former tried to seek salvation in the ending. But Faisal didn’t let him reach his goal.


Table four witnessed the shorted game, till now, in the championship. Bassel Charaf, as White, made a big mistake on move 12, allowing Antoine Kassis to bag in a piece in a couple of moves, forcing Bassel to call it a day.

The Dragon (variation!) landed on table five, and played on the side of Ibrahim Chahrour, firing the white cover protection of Amir AbouElHusn’s king. White resigned after confirming to himself that putting more resistance was a waste of time.

An exciting game was undergoing on table six, on which Tarek Moudallal, playing Black against Mahdi Kaouri, sacrificed a pawn in the opening, in order to gain some compensation under the form of a complicated middle game. His strategy did not succeed.

A final word: We cannot avoid but to praise highly the efforts of the federation in putting the championship on its higher level in the history of chess in Lebanon. As the fed President declared during the opening ceremony that he put at the disposal of the players all the necessary for their comfort in order to play and produce beautiful games. And as Fadi Eid said, this is the strongest national Lebanese championship ever played. It is worth to mention an important point the Chief arbiter, the fed general secretary,  Chehadeh Abou Nimri focused on, that every championship will have an official organizer. And Roland Akhras fulfilled this duty splendidly in collaboration with the FA Ali ElJawish.

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