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Istanbul Olympiad 2012

10th round of Istanbul Olympiad 2012

10th round of Istanbul Olympiad 2012: Should I repeat it? Women are better than Men. That summarized to what happened in today’s round. Against Maldives team, seeded as 136, the Lebanese Men team was expected a clean win. But nobody is perfect. Nassim, on the forth board, handling the white pieces, opened the score. He …

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11th round of Istanbul Olympiad 2012

11th round of Istanbul Olympiad 2012: A nice victory for the Men team Sara saved the honor of the Women team  The Lebanese Men team deserved fully their convinced victory over Nicaragua team 3.5 – 0.5. It could be a clean 4-0. On the first board, playing black, Fadi obtained a balanced middle. A couple …

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6th round of the Istanbul Olympiad 2012

6th round of the Istanbul Olympiad 2012   Women are better than Men !! And that what happened during the 6th round. The Lebanese (Open) team could make than a draw against their neighbor Cyprus opponents. A sudden loss by Fadi with the white pieces on the first board was quickly recovered by Amr ElJawish …

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8th round of the Istanbul Olympiad 2012

Finally, they did it!! A clean 4-0 against Mozambique came as a strong medicine, which was an urge need to keep the Lebanese team head above the water. I am sure that this gave the players a great push to look for the remaining rounds of the Olympiad with great optimism. Never underestimate your opponent, …

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9th round of Istanbul Olympiad 2012

9th round of Istanbul Olympiad 2012: Another bad day The Lebanese Men team lost 1.5-2.5 to the Algerian one, during the 9th round of Istanbul Olympiad, but no without a fight. The first game to finish was Tony’s, who, on the 3rd board, from a Keres attack against his opponent’ Sicilian defense, achieved the standard …

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Istanbul Chess Olympiad 2012: A New Record

With 156 teams in the Open section and 124 teams in the Women one, we can say that the Istanbul Olympiad brock a new record in the chess history. A brief statistical information confirms that fact: in the Open section: 239 Grand Masters, 130 International Masters, 91 FIDE Masters and 54 Candidate Masters, in the …

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Round 5 of Istanbul Olympiad 2012: A bad day

And the unexpected happened. It was expected that our Men team would have an easy victory over Botswana’s. Fadi got an advantageous position, not to say a clear advantageous one. Then he miscalculated something, reaching a rook and pawns ending for each side. Fadi battled out with 2 pawns less, but couldn’t avoid the unavoidable. …

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Round 7 of the Istanbul Olympiad 2012

Round 7 of the Istanbul Olympiad 2012: Still, women are better than Men!!  Today’s round is another confirmation of my yesterday report title. Though the Lebanese Women team drew their match against Luxembourg’s, they deserved the win with at least 3.5-0.5 score. On the forth board, playing with the black pieces, Sara dropped a knight …

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