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9th round of Istanbul Olympiad 2012

9th round of Istanbul Olympiad 2012:

Another bad day

The Lebanese Men team lost 1.5-2.5 to the Algerian one, during the 9th round of Istanbul Olympiad, but no without a fight. The first game to finish was Tony’s, who, on the 3rd board, from a Keres attack against his opponent’ Sicilian defense, achieved the standard space and 2 bishops advantages, supported by a passed a-pawn and an exchange sacrifice. All those were sufficed for his opponent to dispose his arms.

The second game to finish was the second board one, where Amr, who conducted the Black pieces, achieved a very playable middle game position. But a series of inferior moves on the queen side led his position to deteriorate and was forced to sacrifice his knight for a pawn in order to stop his opponent passed one from queening, which was followed immediately by his resignation.

On the first board, Fadi played a very exciting game.  As watching his neighbor team mate position was collapsing, he tried to create winning chances by playing very complicating moves. And he succeeded in his mission at the cost of a huge amount of time, which cost him to miss the chance to play the dead blow move. The game entered an opposite colored bishops ending phase. The peace was signed when there wasn’t left on the board except the 2 kings and a lonely white bishop.

The team now focused on Nassim, who was conducting the black pieces on the 4th board, in order to level the match, or may be more. But he was under a strong pressure from his opponent, and in time trouble, lost a pawn. After some moves, he didn’t have choice but to resign.

On the other hand, the Women team score was bitterer than the Men’s. 1-3 loss was the score against Panama team. The only point came from Sara, who on the 3rd board, outplayed her opponent in a rook and pawns ending, showing a nice technique.

I hope that tomorrow’s title report will be the opposite of the present one.

Just to mention that USA Men team beat their Russian counter-part 2.5 1-.5, with crazy games on the top 2 boards.This, for sure, will be  tomorrow’s all the medias reports headlines.

Click to download : Men’s games, Women’s games.

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