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Lebanese Youth Individual Chess Championship 2012

The Lebanese Chess Federation, headed by the new presidential board Mr. Nabil Badr, organized the National Youth Championship (Under 8 -16) and was hosted at College Notre Dame de Jamhour, during March 2012.

 The event was a successful one due to the participation of more than 110 players distributed in 10 different categories, and to an arbitrating team headed by the International Arbiter Jacques Bedrossian. The Under-18 and Under-20 categories were postponed for a later date due to the participation of Lebanese players in the corresponding Arab Youth Championships, held in Amman, which the later schedules, coincide with the national Lebanese ones.

What distinguished this championship was that instead of distributing medals, CUPS were distributed for the top winners in each category!!! Another success was added to the credit of College Notre Dame de Jamhour Sport organizing committee.

As you will notice below, in the Under 16 category, Farah Kaskas (Girls U-16) was distinguished by winning 2 prizes: 1st prize in the Girls Under 16 category and 3rd prize in the Boys Under-16 category!!! Well done Farah!!!

Below is the final standing of top boards in each category:

Under 8 – Boys:

Rank Name Pts
1 Lakhyan Hrag 6
2 Bassam Aadam 5
3 Jawich Muhammad 4


Under 8 – Girls:

Rank Name Pts
1 Aranelyan Nanor
Mardirossian Liag
3 Tashjian Synthia 2


Under 10 – Boys:

Rank Name Pts
1 Mrad Hamza 6
2 Kalaydjian Levon 5
3 Khaloyan Garen 5


Under 10 – Girls:

Rank Name Pts
1 Kelebozian Narod 3
2 Ferneini Camilla
3 Achkar Noor

Under 12 – Boys:

Rank Name Pts
1 Tarpinian Carlo 5
2 Ghorabi Hassan
3 Ouwaek Omar


Under 12 – Girls:

Rank Name Pts
1 Karagulleyan Carina 5
2 Ferneini Chloe 5
3 Tashjian Vania


Under 14 – Boys:

Rank Name Pts
1 Hrag Kelebozian 6
2 Ralph Khairallah 5
3 Mathieu Mouwakdieh 4


Under 14 – Girls:

Rank Name Pts
1 Saleh Riham 6
2 Tashjian Mireille 3
3 Eddi Camille 3


Under 16 – Boys:

Rank Name Pts
1 Hamad Muhammad
2 Najarian Narig 4
3 Kaskas Farah 3


Under 16 – Girls:

Rank Name Pts
1 Kaskas Farah 3
2 Zarrini Tifffany 1


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