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Round 1 of U-20 Asian Individual Championship 2013

A ferocious battle on Board 1

That at least what I can say after seeing the board 1 game between the Emirati top seeded player, the GM Salem Abdul Rahman, playing White against the Lebanese talented player, the FM Ibrahim Chahrour. As was expected, a King’s Indian Defense appeared on the board, when Salem adopted the solid Samisch setup. Ibrahim replied with the imaginative Bronstein variation, characterized by sacrificing his queen and getting in return the 2 bishops plus 2 pawns, to enter a middle game full of unclear play, which suits well the style of the Lebanese player, and a proof of his determination. And indeed, Ibrahim managed very well the complications that popped up after every move, profiting from the inaccuracies of his famous opponent. But time trouble started to take effect, forcing him to choose second rated moves, letting his counter-play slipped away from his hands, and a non-deserved loss for him was the result.

On the other hand, the FM Amr El Jawish took revenge for his co-patriot, by beating the Emirati player Abdulla Shaeri. Amr snatched the point even after a modest play in the opening phase, but his technique and imaginative play prevailed in the end.

Round 2 will be very tense Amr, as he will face with the black pieces the Vietnamese FM Tran Tuan Minh, while Ibrahim will play against another Emirati player Ahmed Fareed.

You can click here to download the games. (Thanks for Amr and Ibrahim for sending the games).

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