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Tromsø Olympiad: Round 2

Tromsø Olympiad: Round 2: A bad day for the Lebanese ladies

Playing on one of the top matches is not an easy task, especially against one of the strongest teams of the world. This pressure can be sensed by the Lebanese ladies ‘games moves against their Hungarian opponents’.

On board one, Knarik Mouradian adopted the King’s Indian defense against her GM opponent (yes, GM, not WGM) Thanh Trang Hoang. Knarik’s idea of sacrificing a pawn in the opening didn’t work, as her opponent gladly took the present and conserved it without any problem. Even after this gift, the Hungarian player constructed an aggressive setup, forcing Knarik to enter the endgame phase with 2 pawns less, then a 3, hoping for a miracle, that didn’t come.

A different story was happening on the second board between Elena Nekrasova and the IM Anita Gara (yes, IM, not WIM). Elena faced the Taimanov variation of the Sicilian defense, reaching a promising middle game. Just one mistake from Elena, may be due to time trouble, snatching a poisoned pawn in a very open position was enough to put her king in danger. A tactical stroke on the g2 square forced Elena to stop the clock.

On board three, Maya Jalloul, playing with the black pieces, played the Sicilian defense against WGM Ticia Gara. In the closed variation, an improper order of moves from Maya’s part enabled her opponent to open profitablythe center, putting pressure on the Black position. Maya defended well, but her weak king side enabled the WGM to construct, even without queens, a mating threat, forcing Maya to resign.

On board four, Danielle Bedrossian adopted her usual English Opening. Strangely enough, she conceded too early the center to her Hungarian opponent WGM Petra Papp, who profited from the passive play of Danielle, improving aggressively the position of her pieces, especially her queen. A sudden blunder by Danielle forced her to stop the clock before seeing her king being mated.

So, Hungary: 4 – Lebanon 0.

In the Open section, the match No 44 witnessed the encounter between the Lebanese Men team facing the Liechtenstein one. The last game to finish was the board one game between Faisal Khairallah and CM Fabien Ferster. The King’s Indian Attack adopted by Faisal against his opponent’s French defense kept White in the control. A week e5-pawn in the Black camp could be won by Faisal. Instead he correctly evaluated the position, and started constructing an attack. A lot of stories have been told about the critical move 40, as 40 Rd6, instead of Rd2, could be crowned his strategy. Frustrated by the turning of events, in a dead equal position, a blunder made by Faisal was a gift to his opponent, forcing him to resign, as the mating threat will force him to give up his queen.

Game two, on the other hand, between Antoine Kassis (Black) and Mario Kobler was the first to finish, The Slav defense, adopted by Antoine, is transformed into the Stonewall of the Dutch defense. White tried to break the wall, but was faced with an imaginative counter attack on his King. A piece down, bad king, and a queen under attack were more than enough reason to force White to stop the clock.

On board three, Amr ElJawish adopted also the King’s Indian Attack against Renato Frick’s Caro-Kann defense. The middle game pieces maneuvers adopted by Amr kept everything under control. Step by step, Amr started squeezing his opponent, resulting in entering the endgame phase with an extra pawn. As we usually say, it is a matter of technique, and Amr was up to the task, putting his opponent’s position into a zugzwang, as well as his opponent’s clock.

As expected from Ibrahim Chahrour, he always delight us with exciting games, and this time is not an exception. His Scandinavian Defense against CM Andras Guller produced opposite side castling. A well conducted middle game by Ibrahim produced a very promising attack, converted into material advantage, and even without queens, he succeeded in pushing his opponent’s king into a mating net.

Lebanon: 3 – Liechtenstein: 1

The games in pgn format.





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