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42nd Chess Olympiad – Baku – 2016 Round 9: Lebanon won over Trinidad & Tobago 2.5-1.5

42nd Chess Olympiad – Baku – 2016

Round 9: Lebanon won over Trinidad & Tobago 2.5-1.5

It could be better!

I am afraid to repeat myself, but the fans of Fadi Eid weren’t disappointed. Against his opponent FM Harper (2215), from his 2.a3 line against the Sicilian, he transposes to the Grand Prix Attack, where some precise moves are needed from Black to keep away the coming storm. Fadi profited from the inaccuracies of Black moves, securing a winning pawn majority on the queen side, with a continuous attack. Harper couldn’t bear the pressure, even after exchanges of the queens, lost a pawn,then a piece, followed by the game point. A nice game by Fadi.

The King’s Indian Defense adopted by Amr El Jawich against FM Kupid (2166) netted him a clear advantage. He profited from the modest White play to play on all sides of the board, netting him a pawn. In the issuing rook endgame, all he has to do was to win the weak white c6-pawn, then his pawns can start rolling down the board. And a lot of opportunities were presented to him to snatch that pawn. Instead, he preferred to switch his rook to the king side, in order to create another passed f-pawn. This enabled the white king to protect that c6-pawn, which served Kupid very well as a decoying tool. Amr attempted to break his opponent’s fortress but in vein. Splitting the point couldn’t be avoided.

On board 3 Antoine Kassis played the Spanish Opening against FM Winter (2158). In order to surprise his opponent, Winter preferred to avoid the main line, but Antoine, as is well known, is ready theoretically, and gain an advantage in the opening, the bishop pair with open center and files for his heavy pieces. But instead of increasing this advantage, his strategy of exchanges the pieces to win the a-pawn has one defect: first rank weakness. His opponent profited from this defect, forcing the exchanges of the remaining heavy pieces, reaching an endgame position with symmetrical king-side pawn structure with a couple of minor pieces on the board. Both players couldn’t avoid the split of the point.

A mass of imprecise moves dominated the board 4 game between Abdulaziz Mahmoud and FM Johnson (2119). AbdulAziz, playing with the black pieces, adopted the accelerated Dragon, but couldn’t profited at the early stage of the opening by the imprecise white 7th move f3, as it was better to play the theoretical Nc3, and replied with the dubious 7..e6?!, which entered the game into a twilight zone. Johnson hold the advantage for a certain time, but Abdelaziz defended well, succeeded in exchanging the heavy pieces. The reached endgame was so complex that the advantage passed from one side to another, with obscure result. In an attempt to win, a complex exchange of pieces, not without imprecision, let to clear the board from all the remaining pieces and pawns, except the kings, forcing the tie.

It remains 2 rounds before the finish of the Olympiad. These 2 rounds are the most important of the previous rounds, as every half point has its merit in the pairing and in the final standing. The tension is now at its high degree.

Click here to download the games of the Lebanese team.

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