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Round 10 of the 43rd Olympiad – Batumi 2018

Round 10 of the 43rd Olympiad – Batumi 2018


What’s happening?

No one expect less than from Fadi losing by forfeit against the Israeli GM Gruenfeld, who was listed as board 1 in the ICCD team (International Chess Committee of the Deaf). Every patriotic person support Fadi for his normal decision. Of course, this could be avoided is the ICCD captain gave his board 1 player a rest day. His decision is considered a non-sporting move from all angles.

But, technically, could this accidental pairing be avoided?

As it is well known that any head of delegation or captain, due to national Olympic reasons or national and/or political ones, can demand officially from the chief arbiter, before making the pairing of any round, especially round 1, to avoid the pairing of his team with any other team(s).  And the Chief arbiter is obliged to accept this demand. I will leave the answer to the LCF board.

Back to the remaining games. After obtaining a winning position, Amr made a hasty move, resulting in dropping his b-pawn, and was forced to search how to save the half point. His only active rook couldn’t resist the dominant black knight and bishop. The loss couldn’t be avoided.

Maroun also obtained a clear advantage in his game. Instead of winning the white c-pawn, he preferred to consolidate, putting an end to the game and share the game point.

Tony’s game was somewhat one side one. His methodic attack couldn’t be stopped. His smashing of the queen side of his opponent is a classic example of how to do it.

Final score: ICCD: 2.5 – Lebanon 1.5

(From round 10, in the first photo, Mr. Ezzat Koreitem, LCF president, is following the play of the team, accompanied with IA Elie Khairallah. In the second one, with the team trainer the famous Tibor Karolyi).

Download Round 10 games

Tomorrow the last round will start at 10 AM Beirut time. All the good luck against the Ivory Coast team.

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