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Round 2 of 43rd Olympiad – Batumi 2018

Round 2 of 43rd Olympiad – Batumi 2018

A clean win against Aruba

Round 1 result is from the past. Today’s clear wash win 4-0 against Aruba put the Lebanese team on the right track. Although the Elo rating was on the Lebanese side on all boards, a certain level of calculation was needed for not letting the victory escapes.

As Fadi got a rest for this round, Amr led the team on board 1 with a strategic win against his opponent’s Dragon setup.

Maroun Tomb opened his Olympic record with a nice win using the black pieces.

Meanwhile, Tony was ahead of his opponent (and of others also) in opening theory, and didn’t let him off the hook. The attack on the king side conducted with the white heavy pieces was instructive, leading to the collapse of black’s defense.

I feel glad that the players, or most of them, managed well their clocks in choosing their moves at the critical moments of their games. I was a little bit impressed by the rapidity of play of Mahdi, as in team competition this can distract a little bit the other members of the team. But as the result is positive, everyone, nearly, can disregard this.

Tomorrow they will face Estonia, seeded as 55th. A tough preparation is ahead the team. All the good luck.

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