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Round 3 of 43rd Olympiad – Batumi 2018

Round 3 of 43rd Olympiad – Batumi 2018

Amr saved the honor

Did the Estonians underestimate the Lebanese will and fighting spirit? If yes, then this is not a professional approach. If not, they are right.

Watching the games live, one can assume that the results would be a tie (2:2): while Amr was smashing his GM opponent in a splendid play worth a place in books of middle-games, compensating the bad position of Maroun’s game, Fadi and Tony were very close to impose the peace signature. A highly precise moves were required by the former to fend off the attack of the famous GM Kulaots, which were too difficult to find in the remaining time before the first control.

Meanwhile, Tony succeeded in liquidating into an endgame with a nice rook on the 7th rank, but needed to play some defensive moves to reduce Black’s rook activity on his 2nd rank! Some opportunities that popped up were missed, enabling his opponent to install both of his rooks on white’ second rank with an annoying black passed pawn on a2, a situation which was too much for Tony to deal with.

So 3-1 in favor of Estonia, but the Lebanese players showed their will and their fighting spirit is high.

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