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December 2019 Fide Elo list

Dear friends, Bellow is the December 2019 Fide Elo list (Standard+Rapid+Blitz) of the Lebanese players. (SG: Standard Games, SK: Standard K, RG: Rapid Games, RK: Rapid K, BG: Blitz Games, BK: Blitz K) Just a reminder that the active/inactive flag is related only to (Standard) games. Active players: ID Number Name Fed Title Standard SG SK Rapid …

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The 44th Lebanese Individual Championship

Antoine Kassis did it again Before embarking on reporting on the championship, a word of apology must be addressed to my dear readers, for not covering the event round by round, due to some circumstances that were out of control. At least I succeeded in taking some revenge by attending the last round, and then …

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