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Arab Elite Championship – Dubai 2011

Round 1 of the Arab Elite Chess Championship – Dubai 2011: Adly won in 13 moves and an impressive win by Fadi Eid

A new and a step forward in the Arab chess calendar, an Elite tournament, assembling the highest rated players of each Arab country. The event is a new and original idea from the Arab Federation board. The starting list is as follows: 1 GM Adly Ahmed EGY 2605 2 GM Al-Modiahki Mohamad QAT 2564 3 …

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Round 2 of the Arab Elite Chess Championship 2011: Fire on all boards

I don’t know what the players took at breakfast, but fire was on all boards of this early morning round 2 of the Arab Elite championship. Starting with the first board, a Bogo-Indian defense by Ahmed Adly, as Black, against Sami Khader turned into an attack. After 24 h3, Adly played: 24..Rxh4, with huge complications, …

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Round 3 of the Arab Elite Chess Championship 2011: A tactical combination by Salem AbdelRahman put him as the sole leader; Fadi Eid drew his game

It seems that the added-on-breakfast materials had a long effect on Salem AbdulRahman, even after the lunch break, as he beat, with the White pieces on board 1, the strong Mohamad Tissir, and in style. The diagram above shows the position reached after the 16th black move, and Salem played: 17 Nxf7!! And the Black …

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Round 4 of the Arab Elite Chess Championship 2011: 3 players share the lead, Fadi drew with AlModiahki

Who’s attacking who? It is the typical question where a lot of spectors were asking themselves when watching the board 1 game between the 2 young arab Grandmasters Ahmad Adly (White) and Salem AbdelRahman. Salem tried to get profit from Ahmad’s king in the center, opened lines and ranks for his rooks, diagonals for his …

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Round 5 of the Arab Elite Chess Championship 2011: a Black day on all boards

And yes indeed. Not a single Player having the White pieces succeeded in scoring the full point. From 7 played games in this round, only 2 were drawn, the remaining ones were won by Black. This indicates for sure the fighting spirit of the players regardless of which side of the tables they are sitting …

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Round 6 of Arab Elite Chess Championship 2011:Adly and AbdelRahman kept their lead, followed by ElModiahki with one point gap

A Grand Master is a Grand Master. And what distinguishes them from other titled players, in my opinion, is one important element of strategy they excel at: they play on nuances. On board 1, GM Ahmad Adly, playing Black against the Hussein Ayyad profited from the plausible opening play from the later, equalized comfortably at …

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Round 7 of the Arab Elite Chess Championship 2011: The leaders protected their lead, Samir Mohamed: Back to business

Nearly all the attentions were focused on the first board, where a very important duel was taking place between the local player GM Salem AbdelRahman (White) and the Qatari GM Mohamed Al-Modiahki. As was expected, The Samisch variation of the a King’s indian defense was transposed to the Benoni setup, in which the Qatari GM …

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Round 8 of the Arab Elite Championship 2011: Salem sole leader, and a strong come-back from Fadi

The only drawn game of the 8th round of the Elite championship was enough to affect the standing at the top rank before the ultimate round. While Salem AbdelRahman , playing on the Black side of the first board against Samir Mohamed, was winning in adopting his usual weapon Grunfeld Defense, Ahmad Adly (Black) was …

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Round 9 of Arab Elite Chess Championship 2011: No draws, No mercy, Salem AbdulRahman is the winner of the 1st Elite edition

 All the games of the final round of the Arab Elite championship had decisive results. And the highest rated player between the 2 board competitors emerged as winner. On board one, Salem AbdelRahman, playing with the black pieces, beat Fadi Eid who adopted the cool English Opening. This cool play didn’t hold Salem from showing …

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