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Champions of the New Millennium

Champions of the New Millennium


Authors: GM Lubomir Ftacnik

IM Danny Kopec

GM Walter Browne

Publisher: Quality Chess – 450 pages


We all know that, when several authors and chess professionals join their efforts in order to produce a book, the result will be an Opening book. But to produce a book of collection of games, and what a collection! This is an exception, may be a break- through in books composition. Not the famous authors present us only with an amazing collection of fabulous games, but also they delve all together in carefully selecting and annotating 4 games of 18 top players of the world:











Wang Yue









Can we ask for more?!

Each one of the 18 chapters starts with a vivid biography of the (Champion), including his positive characteristics, sometimes his negative one(s). Then a 4 games collection is the heart of the chapter. And What a 4 games! The least I can say is outstanding ones. And what distinguishes these games collection is their annotation. They present the typical middle game plans of the game under discussion, and typical tactical motives, not to mention games and games fragments explaining the themes and plan motives, and in-depth tactical nuances. Some games were selected for the winner’s high technique handing of the ending. And if you have some weakness in the pawn endgame, the Adams-Polgar game is ready for help.

One more important issue: The quality of the binding is excellent, the papers are of high quality, and each champion is presented with a lot of colorful images (!!) which is very rare in the current chess books market.

One common impression after finishing each game is: Brilliant!!  And you will be eager to start reading/playing the next one.

A book that you will read, as I did it, from cover to cover.








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