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Chess Duels

Chess Duels

Title: Chess Duels: My Games with The World Champions

Author: Yasser Seirawan

Publisher: Everyman Chess

Pages: 430 – hard cover


My first impression when I read the title: What a title! Then, after reading each page: What a story! Then after finishing each game: What a battle! and finally, at reaching the last page, What a book!

The Grand Master Yasser Seirawan describes in this fabulous book, in his usual witty style, his encounters with not less than 9 world champions! Not only over the board were those encounters, but also during preparing for the games, or assisting his friends and World Championship challenger the legendary Victor Korchnoi for the ultimate battle.

The bulk of the book is his duels with Spassky, Karpov and Kasparov, including a 21-pages analysis of his game with later during Skellftea 1989, an exciting and crazy game, from which I am sure every reader will highly benefit to increase his chess understanding.

Yasser included a last chapter about the history of the Fide and its relation with GMA and PCA, the systems adopted during World Championships matches, and includes some recommendation in order to popularize chess.

Do you know the name of the player who beat Karpov in 3 games in a single week? And who hold the title of unbeatable in 95 consecutive games? I will let you, dear reader, to discover it by yourself.

It is a book that you will wish not finishing the reading of. Highly recommended.

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