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Grandmaster Versus Amateur

Grandmaster Versus Amateur

Edited by Jacob Aagaard and John Show

Publisher: Quality Chess,  200 pages

As you most probably noted, the book was edited, and not written, by the Aagaard and Show. A new approach was lunched by the editors, which consists of making a book written by 7 Grandmasters!! Yes, SEVEN GMs. Those GMs, in addition to the editors, are: Pavel Eljanov, Boris Avrukh, Mikhail Marin, Peter Heine Nielsen, and Tiger Hillarp Persson.

Each co-author wrote a chapter (Except Aagard, who wrote 2) related to the topic of the title of the book. Each one of them showed his rich experience, being an amateur in his early chess ascendency or an experienced GM over the board, their feelings and what ideas crossed their mind when facing a strong GM or an experienced amateur.

All this was done in a sincere way, not hiding their emotions or bitterness when losing. In every chapter, the reader will discover a lot of information related to the co-authors point of view, making the book a distinguished one, even on the psychological level, as psychology can’t be avoided when Tiger Hillarp Persson is writing something, or when Nielsen is showing his method and approach to prepare for his game against his now-number -one pupil Magnus Carlsen!!

I don’t know how many of you, dear readers, have in their library or read the famous Max Euwe’s Master vs Amateur. But the editors admitted their ignorance of the existence of such famous and classical book, as this can mislead the reader who may consider this one as just a new edition of that classical one, till the moment when the book was already to be printed that they discovered with a certain surprise the existence of such a book.

In summary, due to their unsteady participation in Open tournaments, this book is what every serious local player needs to improve, being on the psychological or technical aspects of the game.



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