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10th Inter-Universities Individuals and teams Championship 2012

On the 3rd of March 2012, the Haigazian University organized its 10th edition of the Inter Universities Individuals and teams championship under the auspices of the Lebanese Universities Federation. 41 players took part from 10 different universities, and your servant had the honor to take the post of the Chief Arbiter of this well organized event.

The play consisted of 6 rounds, with 15 minutes + 5 seconds per move assigned for each player (Fischer time control).

4 issues distinguished this event: firstly, the low number of draws between the players (just 8 from 120 played games) is the proof for the combativeness mood of the players. Secondly, 3 young girls were among the participants and that is another proof the high place that chess is taking part in the life of the Lebanese chess community. Thirdly, the participation of 6 international rated players gave a great push to the event and demonstrated the eagerness of the Lebanese players to compete with each other. Finally, the excellent organization is another proof for the excellent work and the professional level of the working team of Haigazian University, headed by Sahag Bidinian, who made this event a successful one.

Top 3 in the Individual Final Standing :

  1. Ali Atwi (5.5 points) from AUL
  2. Jamal ElShamiyeh (5 points) from MS
  3. Razmig Oknayan (5 points) from HU

Top 3 in the Team Final standing (best 4 individual results per university):

  1. Haigazian University : 16.5 points
  2. University St. Joseph : 14 points
  3. Military School: 13 points

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