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Round 3 of the 38th Lebanese Individual Chess Championship

Watch out for your King

This important advice can be addressed for every loser of this round. The (losing) gladiators, in trying to collect the scalp of their opponents, forgot about their king’ safety, allowing the later to collect the former’ scalp! Please pay attention at the position of the corresponding kings in the following positions:

Table 1: White: Jamal Shamiyeh – Black:Amr El Jawish

Position after move 16 of Black:

Now, at the end, when White resigned:

Table 2: White: Dr. Mahmoud Maasarani, Black: Ahmad Najjar

Position after Black’s 17th moves:

Now, at the end of the game, when Black resigned:

Table 3: White: Bassel Sharaf, Black: Mohammad Mikati

Position after White’s 16th move:

Then, at the moment when Black resigned:

Table 4: White: Amir Abou ElHusn, Black: Faisal Khairallah.

Position after Black 13th move:

Then, at the moment when White resigned:

Table 5: White: Mahdi Kaouri, Black: Antoine Kassis.

Position after Black 55th move:

Then, again, when White resigned:

Here Antoine used the advice: The King is a strong piece in the endgame. Use it. He did!

Table 6: White: Tarek Moudallal, Black:Ibrahim Shahrour.

Position after Black 21st move:


Then, when Black resigned:

No peace till now. All want to fight. This is the motto of this championship, which issued a great pleasure for all the followers of the action of this great event.

Click here please to download the games.

Standing after round 3:

Rank SNo.   Name Rtg Pts
1 10 FM Khairallah Faisal 2281 3
2 9 CM Kassis Antoine 2217 3
3 1 FM Najjar Ahmad 2271 2
4 3   Maasarani Mahmoud 2108 2
  12 FM El Jawich Amro 2170 2
6 8 FM Chahrour Ibrahim 1941 2
7 7   Moudallal Tarek 1962 1
8 6   Kaouri Mahdi 2069 1
9 2   Shamieh Jamal 2056 1
  4   Bassel Charaf 2059 1
11 5   AbouElHusn  Amir 0 0
  11   Mikati Mohammad 2002 0

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