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Round 4 of the 38th Lebanese Individual Chess Championship

Peace signed by the youth

A lot of interesting actions happened in this round. Firstly, on table 1, the game between Amr ElJawish and Ibrahim Shahrour was sold by draw after a 3 moves repetition technique. Although the former’s position was somewhat better, the later defended well, pressurizing with some threats of counter-play, profiting from the lack of time of his opponent, and forced the peace signature.

Conducting the White pieces on table 2, Antoine Kassis took the advantage against Tarek Moudallal, who played the opening somewhat in a shy way, allowing Antoine’s pieces to develop smoothly. Tarek defended hard, but Antoine succeeded in collecting a pawn, tying down Tarek’s pieces to a continuous defence, till the unbelievable happened:

His king was matted in the middle of the board.

Another mat was going to occur on table 3, between Faisal Khairallah, conducting the white pieces, against Mahdi Kaouri. The final position was:

There are two ways to avoid being mated by Rg7: the first one is to give up the black rooks in a desperado manner, then being mater. The other way, a better and clever one: to resign. Mahdi chose the latter.

Table 4 witnessed the encounter between Mohammad Mikati (White) and Amir Abou Elhusn. Mohamamd made a lot of imprecise moves, allowing Amir an easy way to bag in the point.

I don’t know what was Bassel, playing Black Against Ahmad Najjar on table 5, thinking; as on move 9 he played: 9…Ke7.

Ahmad didn’t let it escape, as you are going to see it in scrolling down the moves of the game.

Exchanging the pieces and simplifying the position don’t mean equality is guaranteed. Jamal Shamiyeh, playing White against Dr. Massarani, profited from his dominant rook+Knight vs. Rook+bad bishop, to win a simplified endgame.

Click here please to download the games.

Rank after round 4    
Rank SNo.   Name Rtg Pts
1 10 FM Khairallah Faisal 2281 4
2 9 CM Kassis Antoine 2217 4
3 1 FM Najjar Ahmad 2271 3
4 12 FM El Jawich Amro 2170
5 8 FM Chahrour Ibrahim 1941
6 3   Maasarani Mahmoud 2108 2
7 2   Shamieh Jamal 2056 2
8 7   Moudallal Tarek 1962 1
9 6   Kaouri Mahdi 2069 1
10 4   Bassel Charaf 2059 1
  5   AbouElHusn  Amir 0 1
12 11   Mikati Mohammad 2002 0

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