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10th round of Istanbul Olympiad 2012

10th round of Istanbul Olympiad 2012:

Should I repeat it? Women are better than Men.

That summarized to what happened in today’s round.

Against Maldives team, seeded as 136, the Lebanese Men team was expected a clean win. But nobody is perfect.

Nassim, on the forth board, handling the white pieces, opened the score. He profited from his space advantage and active minor pieces and his opponent’s passive ones, especially the black knight on b7, dominated his opponent, win a pawn, then another one was looming to be swapped out of the board,  (otherwise he would net a piece), which forced his opponent to resign.

The shock came from board 2, where Faisal, playing with the white pieces, just in the opening-middle game stage, started to play some inferior moves, helping his opponent to improve his position. In a complicated position, he blundered a piece, which was enough to stop the clocks. This is not Faisal’s day.

Seeing that the match situation was not running as planned, as Tony was winning on the 3rd board, then a blunder forced him to battle for a tie, Fadi, who is playing on the leading board with the black pieces, played a very instructive game, converting one advantage into another in a masterly way, to reach a winning endgame, and collected the point. It is a game that I will proud in showing it to my pupils. Simple chess is the best chess.

Meanwhile, Tony battled for 90 moves in order to save the half point. But his opponent played in a precise way. 2-2 was the final score.

In the Women section, the Women team played the Palestinian opponent. Maya opened the score too early with the Black pieces, as her opponent mishandled the opening phase. With a rook less, the later saw no reason to continue. This win was followed by another nice positional one due to Youmna, using the white pieces.


A draw would be enough to win the match was the motto of Sara, a clever decision, instead of continue to battle out in an equal position.

On the other hand, on the forth board, Farah played the opening and the early stage of the middle game in a very acceptable way. But then cracked, and after several weak moves, she found herself in several pawns less, which was enough for her to stop the clock. Lebanon’ score: 2.5, Palestine’s: 1.5.

 Men’s games, Women’s games.

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