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11th round of Istanbul Olympiad 2012

11th round of Istanbul Olympiad 2012:

A nice victory for the Men team

Sara saved the honor of the Women team 

The Lebanese Men team deserved fully their convinced victory over Nicaragua team 3.5 – 0.5. It could be a clean 4-0.

On the first board, playing black, Fadi obtained a balanced middle. A couple of imprecise moves from his part resulted in netting a rook for 2 knights for his opponent. Fadi defended very well, created his own chances by relying on some low moves from his opponent. The game entered a phase of opposite colors bishops, concluding a peaceful result.

On the second board, Faisal, playing white, adopted the Botvinnik system of Queen’s gambit declined, exchange variation. A typical middle game appeared on the board, which Faisal played it in a typical way, reaching an advantageous end game. 6 hours of play and 105 moves was more than enough to bag in the point.

On the 3rd board, Amr, playing black, made a very precise move order in the opening, leading him to enter the middle game phase with a fixed center, where the side, his side, possessing the pair of nights dominated the two bishops. A typical positional phase was the witness of his coolness, converting one advantage to another:  centralizing of his king, accompanied by a centralized knight on a strong outpost and an active rook were more than enough to bag in a couple of pawns. The threat of appearance of 2 new black queens forced his opponent to dispose his arms.

On board 4, Tony was the first to open positively the account, by playing a very instructive game. By sacrificing a pawn in the opening, and taking advantage of his uncastled opponent’s king, Tony play was full of imagination. Liquidating into an endgame was not enough for his opponent to save a half point.

On the other hand, the Women players were suffering against their Uruguay opponents, seeded as 78. Maya succumbed to her opponent’s king side attack, in the same manner as Danielle, on the first and third boards respectively.

Younma, on the second board, tried to save her game in reaching an endgame with several pawns less, but in vain.

On the 4th board, Sara was still showing some resistance in an inferior position. Her opponent was still searching for the knock out move, till, suddenly, with the help of her knight and rook, Sara produced a mat position! 1-3 was the score to Uruguay advantage.

Final standing in the Open section:

  1. Armenia, 19 points, tie-break: 397
  2. Russia, 19, 388.5
  3. Ukraine, 18

The Lebanese Men team, seeded as 95, finished in the 91st position, from 150 participated teams.

Final standing in the Women section:

  1. Russia, 19 points, tie-break: 450
  2. China, 19, 416
  3. Ukraine, 18


The Lebanese Women team, seeded as 99, finished in the 103rd position, from 127 participated teams.

Download:  Men’s games, Women’s games.

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