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6th round of the Istanbul Olympiad 2012

6th round of the Istanbul Olympiad 2012  

Women are better than Men !!

And that what happened during the 6th round. The Lebanese (Open) team could make than a draw against their neighbor Cyprus opponents. A sudden loss by Fadi with the white pieces on the first board was quickly recovered by Amr ElJawish on the 3rd one. While Tony, playing with the black pieces on the 4th board, couldn’t overcome the solid setup of his opponent, Faisal, on the other hand on the 2nd board, was playing a very animated game. I said animated, as his opponent, at the very early stage of the opening, sacrificed a pawn, and initiate a strong pressure on Faisal’s king side. The later reacted logically in the center, returning the pawn, and even obtained a certain advantage. Time shortage and the presence of opposite colored bishops forced the peace agreement.

White the Men team was making tie with their opponent, the Women one was playing very well. Maya, Youmna and Sara playing precisely, with concentration, not letting their Irish opponents escape. Though Farah played was playing below her level on the 4th board, her team mates got the 3 points: 3 -1 for Lebanon versus Ireland.

In the U16 Olympiad, Lebanon youth team lost 1.5 – 2.5 against South-Africa-B team, and got a bye in round 7.

Click to download the games : Men 1-6, Women 1-6.

No bet for guessing who was visiting the playing hall!!

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