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Round 5 of Istanbul Olympiad 2012: A bad day

And the unexpected happened. It was expected that our Men team would have an easy victory over Botswana’s. Fadi got an advantageous position, not to say a clear advantageous one. Then he miscalculated something, reaching a rook and pawns ending for each side. Fadi battled out with 2 pawns less, but couldn’t avoid the unavoidable.

On board 2, Faisal played as expected. A good opening preparation was on the scene, steady moves, increasing his advantage from one level to another higher one, leading the game to its happy conclusion.

While on board 3, Tony had an easy game after weak moves from his opponent in the opening, reach very playable middle game. Then suddenly, a blunder occurred, which his opponent profited to the full.

Nassim got a solid position from the opening, then move by move, a serious of low level moves hit his side, allowing his opponent to play in a dynamic way, obtaining a queen side passed pawn. Nassim tried to complicate the position, but in vain.

The same scenario happened in the Women section, with Maya scoring the point in a convincing way against her Albanian opponent. Yumna missed a win on the second board, and let her opponent escape with a half point.

While Sara miscalculated on board 3, and lost, Farah, after obtaining a nice middle game position, over-extended her king side pawns, leaving her king too exposed.

A 1.5-2.5 lost could easily be 2.5 – 1.5.

In the U16 Olympiad, the Lebanese team lost horribly 0-4 to Turkmenistan in round 4 and made a tie 2-2 in round 5 against the Iraqi team.

Tomorrow is a rest day. Round 6 will be due on 3rd of September, duing which the Men team will face Cyprus one, while the Women one will face the Irish team.

Round 1-5 games: Men, Women

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