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Round 7 of the Istanbul Olympiad 2012

Round 7 of the Istanbul Olympiad 2012:

Still, women are better than Men!! 

Today’s round is another confirmation of my yesterday report title. Though the Lebanese Women team drew their match against Luxembourg’s, they deserved the win with at least 3.5-0.5 score.

On the forth board, playing with the black pieces, Sara dropped a knight too early, while Youmna on the second board, instead of consolidating her superior advantage, blundered her queen. Meanwhile, Maya and Danielle were increasing their advantages to an alerting level, and saving the match. Just to remind you, dear reader that the Lebanese Women team was seeded 99 from 130, and their opponent 72!!

In the Open section, the Men team, seeded as 95, confronted Puerto Rico team, seeded 96. So from a theoretical point of view, the match is a level one. But what happened on the board is totally different. Amr, conducting the black pieces on the 3rd board, got an extra piece. Then suddenly, returned it back with an inferior position. His opponent sacrifice of a knight on  g7 forced Amr to resign. I am sure in the forthcoming rounds he will recover from this loss.

In the meantime, while Fadi was smashing his opponent on the first board, and leveled the score, Faisal and Tony’s games were very critical. Entering the time-trouble period, Faisal couldn’t save his position, while Tony did it in a miraculous way. Final score: Lebanon: 1.5, Puerto Rico: 2.5.

It is worth to mention that the U16 team drew his match, 2-2, with his 8th round opponent, the Libyan team.

Click the following to downlaod  the Lebanese: Men games, and the Women games.

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