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Round 1 of Lebanese Individual Chess Championship 2013 – Final Stage

Chahrour started with a Bang!

On board 6, the youngest participant of the 39th Individual championship, FM Ibrahim Chahrour, playing with the white pieces, made the first blow of this prestigious event by beating the experienced FM Ahmad Najjar in a game full of strategic and tactical ideas. Using the English defense, Ahmad was trying to play a normal game, without letting his opponent relying on any theoretical knowledge. The game flowed in a French style middle game, where White ‘space advantage enabled him to construct the typical plan against black ‘setup. As the tension grows, the 17 f5 break-through move shacked Ahmad’s calculation, as it was the only opportunity that Black could profit from. After this slip, Ahmad’s position felled apart. Although he tried to complicate the position as much as he could, but Ibrahim was up to the task, and the threat of the appearance a white Queen on the board forced Ahmad to shake hand.

On the neighboring board, FM Antoine Kassis, playing Black against Bassel Charaf, adopted his beloved Benoni Defense move order against the Nf3 of his opponent, and transformed it to the Benko gambit. I was very interested in the course of the game, as it comes to my mind the game between Tarrasch and Alekhine (1922), which every Benoni-Benko played must know, and I am sure that Tony knows it. I will not go here into the details of this historical battle. Enough to know that it was a lesson given by the Alekhine to his opponent of how to get profit from the space advantage and the center domination. I can’t blame Bassel for his failure to find the refutation of Black’s play, as Tarrasch couldn’t do it!! Going after materials with the white king in the center, not to mention the white holes around it, was enough for Tony to execute the typical central break-through, winning materials and the game.

The game FM Amr El Jawich – CM AbelAziz ElMahmoud on board 4 was the only one that finished with a peaceful manner, although White’s position at a certain moment was preferable. A couple of imprecise moves by Amr enabled his opponent to defend well. Draw was agreed on Black’s proposal.

The same could happened on board 3 between WFM Maya Jalloul and Tarek Moudallal. The former adopted the English opening, and Tarek adopted a King’s Indian/ Leningrad set up, trying to generate a counter-play against Maya’s king. But Maya defended well, exchanged all the knights, to reach a defensive position. After some maneuvering moves, and instead of stabilizing the position, Maya started to get ambitious, and it was Tarek who profited from the dazzling white queen, forcing Maya to seed some materials, and the game point.

2 positional struggles were witnessed on the top 2 boards. On board 2, the current champion FM Faisal Khairallah, playing Black, adopted the King’s Indian setup versus the young Nadim Hammoud move order. A somewhat static and typical KID middle game arose, from which Faisal’s huge experience prevailed. The passed d3-black pawn would force any player on the White side to spend a lot of his allotted time to contemplate it, worry about it, shake his emotions, and dispose his arms.

A Panov attack, resulting from the Caro-Kann defense, was the title of the game on board 1 between Marwan Nassar (White) and Dr. Mahmoud Maasarani. A missed 8 c5 move by Marwan enabled Mahmoud to exchange his knight for Marwan’s white squares bishop, killing the attack. Then a counter white squares domination, generated by precise play, enabled Black to dominate and take control of the board. Exchanging the queens didn’t release Marwan’s position from the blockade. A nice technique by Mahmoud, accentuated by his powerful bishop pair and white’s pawn weakness and passive minor pieces, enabled him to collect the point.

Round 1 results:

SNo. Name Rtg Res. Name Rtg SNo.
1 Nassar Marwan 2091 0  -  1 Maasarani Mahmoud 2109 12
2 Hammoud Nadim 1944 0  -  1 FM Khairallah Faisal 2271 11
3 WFM Jalloul Maya M. 1942 0  -  1 Moudallal Tarek 1968 10
4 FM El Jawich Amro 2173 ½  – ½ CM Abdulaziz Mahmoud 2074 9
5 Bassel Charaf 2070 0  -  1 FM Kassis Antoine 2166 8
6 FM Chahrour Ibrahim 1980 1  -  0 FM Najjar Ahmad 2263 7

Please click here to download the games.


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