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Round 2 of U-20 Asian Individual Championship 2013

A nice win by Ibrahim and a tough battle by Amr

It was a nice round, this 2nd round, for the Lebanese players. Ibrahim Chahrour, playing White against his Emirati opponent Fareed Ahmed, faced the French defense. The Steinitz variation adopted by his opponent put Ibrahim in the driving seat, especially that both kings were castled on opposite sides. This gave him an easy setup for his attacking scheme. His opponent tried desperately to attack Ibrahim’s king, sacrificing piece after another, but Ibrahim’s king found refuge on g1 (!),face to face with his opponent’s one.

On board 6, Amr ElJawish was facing with the black pieces the Vietnamese FM Tran Tuan Minh. The later adopted the fianchetto variation against Amr’s King’s Indian defense. A tense middle game battle appeared on the board, when at move 22 could increase his advantage by the stroke Nxe4 (instead of the positional c5 move). But on move 27, he played the creative Rxe5, sacrificing the exchange for a pawn and an enduring initiative. After a ferocious fight issued, when due to time trouble, Amr let his advantage decreased, and after his opponent returned the exchange, and ending with pure opposite color bishops appeared on the board, accompanied by peace agreement.

Both games deserved to be studied deeply by national players, as their contents are full of tactical and strategic ideas.

Click here please to download the games.

Tomorrow will be a tiring day, as 2 rounds will be played.

In round 3, Amr will face with the white pieces the Indian IM Das Debashis, while Ibrahim will face another IM, the Syrian Basher Iyti.

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