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Round 3 of Asian U-20 Individual Championship 2013

A ‘Bad morning’ round for the Lebanese players

A 10 AM morning round on the schedule of a high level championship has always bad effects on the players’ performance. And this event is no exception.

Amr El Jawich, playing White against the Indian IM  Das Debashis, rushed with 12 Nd5 ?! ( instead of playing first 12 g5, kicking the knight), an imprecision, or even 14 Bxb6 (instead of 14 Na5), which gave the Indian master the opportunity to grab the d-pawn with a solid position. Amr tried to complicate the game; he even tried to squeeze something from the presence of the opposite colored bishops, but in vain.

On the other hand, Ibrahim Chahrour, playing also White against the Syrian IM  Basheer Iyti, obtained a promising position, when the later tried to surprised Ibrahim in choosing an off-beating track opening. Ibrahim even reached a winning position after just 18 moves. He conserved his winning advantage for another bunch of moves, but then, suddenly, a sequence of imprecise moves from his part appeared on the board, giving Basheer the only hope for something since the start of the game, The later didn’t let it go.

Click here please to download the games.

As now the round 4 in undergoing, Amr is facing with the black pieces the Yemeni IM Mohamad Gameel, and Ibrahim, also with the black pieces, the Yemeni Raouf Abdel Rabb.

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