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Round 4 of the Asian U-20 Individual Championship 2013

’2 rounds a day rule’ must be abolished

Personnally, that is at least my opinion, especially with Fide events. Let all the games be approached and treated with the same conditions, as otherwise, the level of our noble game will decrease. Just go and scroll down the moves of this round 4 game played by GM Salem AbdelRahman.

Even it isn’t needed to go so far. In an equal and very playable position, Ibrahim Chahrour, playing Black against the Yemeni Raouf Abdel Rabb, played several inaccurate moves, followed by couple of blunders, then call it a day.

On the other hand, Amr ElJawish played a superb game against the Yemeni IM mohamed Gameel: a typical attacking game, a perfect technical phase in conversion one advantage into another, reaching a winning position, then, suddenly, one mistaken move let the win escape from his hands, resulting in splitting the point.

I hope that in tomorrow round will be a bright day for Amr and Ibrahim.

Click here to download the games.

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