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Round 5 of Asian U-20 Individual Championship 2013

Ibrahim won, Amro missed a win

As we are now in the middle of the championship, it will be a good decision to reevaluate the players’ situation in the event and pushing to a higher degree their performance. Though Ibrahim and Amro played opponents having Elo ratings lower than theirs, it wasn’t an easy task.

Amro El Jawich, playing with the white pieces, faced the Jordanian Mohanned Abo Hazeem, who has a rating difference of more than 2550 Elo points less than his opponent. Amro snatched a pawn in the early moves of the opening. Then a series of exchanges of pieces arose; although  Amro conserved his advantage, the exchange strategy continued deeply into the endgame, and suddenly nothing is left with the bare kings but a black knight ! Draw!

Ibrahim Chahrour, playing also with the white pieces against the Moldavian Mohameed Shuaau (Elo 1712), profited from the imprecise variation adopted by his opponent, obtained a promising position. A series of exchanges arose (again), resulting in an equal ending, but with a tiny initiative for White. When both players reached a pawns ending, Ibrahim Chahrour profited from his opponent’s mistakes to win the game.

Till now, after 5 rounds, Amro’ score is: 2.5 points, and Ibrahim ‘s: 2. It is time to recover.

Click here to download the games.

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