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Round 6 of Asian U-20 individual championship 2013

Ibrahim is on 50%, Amr didn’t play like Amr

The English opening is a difficult one to crack, and if you succeeded, I would be after a long and tired battle. Amr ElJawich’s opponent, the Kyrgyzstani Zhokhar Zhanbai uulu, used it to resist Amr’ as aggressive moves. And he succeeded! Then later, after several exchanges, one imprecise move by Amr was enough for Zhokhar to take the initiative, and another blunder was enough to convince Amr to stop the clocks.

On the other hand, Ibrahim Chahrour, playing Black against the Emirati Mayed Al- Rashidi, adopted the Petroff defence. He setup his pieces ideally for the forthcoming middle game stage. By sacrificing a piece, Mayed tried to shack Ibrahim’ solid position. The later accepted the challenge (why not, when you have good position and your pieces are well centralized and coordinated), grabbed the offered materials (not just one, or two, but three!), and bagged in the point.

After 6 rounds, Ibrahim has scored 3 points, and Amr 2.5 points.

I am sure that more points will be bagged in by Amr and Ibrahim.

Click here to download the games.

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