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Round 7 of the Asian U20 Individual Championship 2013

Just draws

Although Amro and Ibrahim tried their most to squeeze something from their games against the lower rated opponents, splitting the point was the result. It seems that Amro ‘s opponent, the Emirati AbdulWahab Abdulla was well prepared for his game against his higher rated opponent. In an equal endgame, in order to shake a little bit his opponent position, Amro tried to complicate the game, and at a certain moment succeeded in gaining a certain advantage. But time trouble was looming, and the peace was the normal solution.

The same scenario happened with Ibrahim when facing his Palestinian unrated opponent Houssam El Takrouri, but in a more calm way. They reached a pawn ending position where neither side could make progress.

The sole consolation was the Blitz championship, in which Ibrahim Chahrour faced the top seeded Emirati GM Salem AbdelRahman. Ibrahim took revenge from his loss against his famous opponent by beating him with the black pieces. Hope that Ibrahim could send to us the moves of the blitz game, or at least the final position.

 Click here to download the games.

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