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Round 8 of Asian U20 Individual Championship 2013

Amr won, Ibrahim threw away the point.

It was supposed to be a 100 % easy round. And indeed, Amr El Jawich, playing with the black pieces against the Emirati Morshool Hamdan, profited from the artificial understanding of the Sicilian middle game phase of the later, and landed a tactical stroke, netting him a knight for 2 pawns. Later Amr’s technique showed itself by reaching a winning endgame. Blundering a rook was enough for Hamdan to finish his agony.

Another Sicilian, but a closed one, was on the schedule of the game between the Kyrgyzstani Zhokhar Zhanbai Uulu (White) and Ibrahim Chahrour. Ibrahim played à la perfection the opening and the early stage of the middle game. Then, when a breakthrough was needed, he refrained and started playing behind the lines, enabling his opponent to get some air and improved a little by little his position. An exchange sacrifice for a pawn put Ibrahim again in the driving seat, and even reached a winning position. But time pressure was looming, and one mistaken move was enough to throw away a deserved win.

I would like to thanks Ibrahim for communicating to me, (and of course to the readers) his win over GM Salem AbdelRahman during the Blitz Championship. You can’t believe that it was played using Blitz time control. I added it to the games file.

Click here to download the games.

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