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Lebanese Individual Chess 2013 Championship

Ibrahim Chahrour: Champion of Lebanon

With the declaration of Ahmad Najjar’s withdrawal from the tie-break match, Ibrahim Chahrour becomes the Champion of Lebanon for the season 2013-2014. This win proves for the second time in Lebanese Chess history (the first time was in 2010, won by Amr ElJawish) that the future belongs to the youth. Ahmad Najjar’s decision is regarded as a highly respected one, proving once and for all that chess in Lebanon is in good hands and on the right track, although the match was highly awaited from the fans of both champions from a sporting point of view.

Dear Ibrahim, congratulations from by bottom of my heart for winning the ultimate national title. You know, for sure, that the path to the future is full of obstacles, but I know, that, not only your small parental family, but the big chess family is ready to support you, Amr, Nadim, Maya, or anyone in his path to remove those obstacles and to raise the flag high.

We Are One Family


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