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Round 2 of 3.1 Zonal – Doha 2013

A bad day for the Lebanese players

During a game, a lot of things could occur in the player’s mind, but it is the first time I see Fadi play so defensibly and slowly in the opening. Adopting the King’s Indian Attack against the Caro-Kann of the Iraqi FM Ali Layth was may be a dubious choice, but, I know Fadi: He will not let this loss influence him, his fighting spirit is now awake, and his composure will do the job.

Maya, on the other hand, adopted the King’s Indian Defense against her opponent, the Emirati WIM Nora Saleh ‘s  Bf4 system. An equal middle-game arose, with equal chances for both sides. But suddenly, Maya decided to play in her opponent’s field, the queen-side, allowing Nora a break-through and strong initiative there. Instead of trying to switch the play to the king’ side (like 23..f4 for example), Maya succumbed to her opponent’s  pressure, played a couple of low-rated moves, which allowed Nora a favorable exchanges and a winning attack against Maya’s King. Come on Maya. We need Maya that we know.

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