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Tromsø Olympiad: Round 11

Tromsø Olympiad: Round 11

Think always positive

I try to use this motto during my daily work, especially on preparation for, during, and at the conclusion of big events. And what if that event was the biggest one ever? Taking a look a back, processing the details, especially the negative ones, drawing conclusions, taking notes so that when a new big event will be in sight, I will try to eliminate, or at least reduce, those negative details, and most importantly, increase the positive ones. Time is experience. Use it. Don’t waste it.

I am sure that the LCF VIPs got profit from their personal presence at the Olympiad, and in their reports they will mention a lot of the positive, and negative, issues so that they can profit from in the next 2-years period, in preparation for the 42nd Olympiad in Baku city of Azerbaijan.

Back to Lebanese players performances briefing of the last round. In the Open section, Thailand was smashed by Lebanon 0-4. Faisal played aggressively on the black side, adopting the Chigorin defense, profiting from his pieces activities. His attacking threats netted to him 2 extra pawns and a wining endgame. While Antoine was getting a relaxed game, as he won by forfeit of his opponent, Amr played dynamically against his opponent’s closed variation of the Sicilian defense. His opponent sacrificed the exchange for an attack. It was Amr who was attacking mating. Finally Ibrahim’s Belgrade gambit was enough to disturb his opponent’s preparation. One mistake in the end game was enough for Ibrahim to net him tactically a piece, and the point.

In the Women section, it was another different story. Lebanon lost 0.5 – 3.5 to Ecuador. Kanarik, after a thrilling game with her WGM opponent, signed peace with repetition of moves. On board two, Elena, surprisingly fell into an elementary tactics, lost a piece, then another one, before resigning on move 9! Maya adopted the inferior double-fianchetto setup against her opponent’s Benoni Defense. Although she defended well against her opponent’s assault, she couldn’t get rid of her passive white squares bishop, nor activate it. The resulting endgame was too difficult to hold. Youmna, on board four, adopted the French defense. But defending too passively without annoying her opponent was a dubious strategy. The later inflicted a double isolated pawns in Black position, grabbed space, activated her king and created a passed a-pawn, pushing White to resign.

The final standing of the Lebanese teams in the corresponding sections:

Open: 75th from 177 teams. Not bad, as the team was seeded as 108.

Women: 78th from 136 team. As seeded 60, hummm.

ELO Rating deviations:

Bo. Name Rtg W n We W-We Rtg+/- Ra Rp
1 FM Khairallah Faisal 2307 3.5 10 4.98 -1.48 -30 2318 2208
2 FM Kassis Antoine 2157 4.5 8 2.89 1.61 32 2284 2327
3 FM El Jawich Amro 2186 4.5 9 3.22 1.28 26 2309 2309
4 FM Chahrour Ibrahim 2170 6.0 10 4.82 1.18 47 2188 2260
5   Bassel Charaf 2160 3.0 5 2.07 0.93 19 2234 2155


Bo. Name Rtg W n We W-We Rtg+/- Ra Rp
1 WIM Mouradian Knarik 2188 5.5 10 6.42 -0.92 -18 2069 2105
2 WFM Nekrasova Elena 2076 4.0 10 6.42 -2.42 -48 1955 1883
3 WFM Jalloul Maya M. 1922 4.0 10 5.11 -1.11 -22 1912 1840
4 WFM Makhlouf Youmna 1874 2.5 5 2.25 0.25 10 1919 1919
5   Bedrosian Danielle 1715 0.5 4 1.08 -0.58 -12 1930 1441


About (Thinking positively), some records were brokenJ. In the 11-rounds system adopted in the Olympiads since 2008, the Men’s best team matches total score was: 10 points achieved during 2012 Istanbul Olympiad (5 wins, 1 draw, 6 losses), with final standing as 91st from 149 teams. In Tromsø Olympiad, they scored 11 points (improvement-Bravo!) (5 wins, 2 draws, 4 losses) with final standing as 75th from 177 teams, to be broken in 2016.

On the base of the same theme, the Women’s best team matches total score was 9 points achieved during 2008 Dresden Olympiad (4 wins, 1 draw, 6 losses), with final standing as 82nd from 111 teams. In Tromsø Olympiad, they scored 10 points (improvement-Bravo!) (4 wins, 2 draws, 5 losses) with final standing as 78th from 136 teams, to be broken in 2016.

I remember I read some 15 years ago an interview with the trainer of Xie Jun, the first World Champion from Asia (1991-1996, 1999-2001). What stuck in my mind was his reply to a question: What is your next plan? (as Chinese federation and players). He said: Winning the World Chess Teams Championship in the period of 10 years.  They did it today.

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