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Tromsø Olympiad: Round 8

Tromsø Olympiad: Round 8

Please don’t get mated on the board

As I opened the chess24 app on my mobile (too much lags on the official Olympiad website), looking, in the Open section, for the Men team, I was expecting Lebanon: 4 – San Marino: 0, to be somewhat surprised by the 3:1 result. After touching board 1 game, Faisal Khairallah: 0 – CM DaniloVolpinari (Elo: 2001), I couldn’t believe my eyes: 2 black queens and mat on the board. Scrolling down the game moves, Faisal adopted in Bird opening, enabling him to play the Leningrad Dutch in the first hand. Weakening his king side, traveling his king’s knight to a3, queen side idle, open f-file for the black’s rooks, a safe black king opposite to the white one status. Sorry. I have to stop evaluating this position. It is not the same Faisal that let Bologan tremble.

At least I calmed down when I saw Antoine Kassis massacring with the black pieces his CM opponent Roberto Cecchetti. The 3 connected musketeers on the third rank formed a nice picture, forcing White to call it a day before get it mated.

On board three, Ibrahim Chahrour played with the white pieces against CM Massimiliano Macapani. A French defense was transformed quickly into Kan variation of the Sicilian defense. Ibrahim profited from some imprecise openings from his opponent to acquire the desired advantage. I don’t know what happened, as the game was finished abruptly in Ibrahim’s favor, his opponent dislike of his position is an enough reason for me.

NB: Just Ibrahim cleared it to me: he played Qd3 (not Qc3 as was online transmitted) , winning a piece.

On board four, Bassel Charaf, playing Black against CM Enrico Grassi, was faced with the Evans Gambit. Bassel accepted the offered pawn of his opponent, counter-attacked (by 9..d5) in the center, consolidated his position, created a couple of isolated pawns in his opponent’s position, to be collected later in an advantageous endgame. The threat of appearance of new black queens forced Enrico to stop the clocks. It seems that the black pawns were the heroes of this match encounters.

So, Lebanon: 3 – San Marino: 1.


In the Women section, the Lebanese Ladies beat their South African opponents by a small margin of half point. Knarik Mouradian lost with the black pieces against WIM Denise Frick. A weak pawn on e6, an exposed king on the long diagonal and a passed white d-pawn was too much to handle. Knarik tried to complicate the position, but her opponent played well.

On board two, Elena Nekrasova was faced by the Philidor defense of WIM Anzel Solomons. The middle game was played in caution, to be exploded suddenly. The resulting endgame netted Anzel an extra pawn. Elena defended very well, activating to maximum, her knight, rook and especially her king, employing her c-pawn as a decoying factor. The resulting exchanges ended in an equal rook +pawn endgame. The peace was a deserved result.

On board three, Maya Jalloul, playing Black against Robyn Van Niekerk, adopted the Snake variation of the Benoni defense (5..Bd6 instead of the classical fianchetto one ). It seems that her opponent was surprised by Maya’choice, as the later was all the way creating attacking threats. The attack constructed by Maya was well constructed, forcing her opponent to seed a piece, then a rook. The rest was a matter of technique for Maya. A well conducted game by the Lebanese player.

On board four, youmna Makhlouf, playing White against WCM Michelle Fisher, adopted the Saemish variation against her opponent’s King’s Indian defense. The strong initiative created by Youmna on the queen side forced Michelle to seek some counter-play on the king side. Youmna defended well, and her pieces coordination enabled her to set up a trap, into which her opponent felt. Playing with a queen less was enough reason for Fischer to stop the clock. A nice feeling, though illusory one, to beat Fisher J

South Africa: 1.5 – Lebanon; 2.5

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