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41st Lebanese Individual Championship – Final Stage 2015

41st Lebanese Individual Championship – Final Stage 2015

At the cross road

First of all, let me, dear friends and readers, apologize for the time break between this report and the last one due to several factors. I know that a lot of tournaments finished since last spring, especially the MCAs ones. But I am not of the types that I write just data/info reports. I like to praise, criticize, and analyze a round-by-round events, starting from round 0 with games availability from round 1, not just putting results and standings. (No games no coverage) is the motto that I follow. I felt somewhat guilty not to be able to extinguish the passionate requests of my friends to cover the recent highly successful MCA due to my duty as Chief Arbiter of the mentioned event.

But what about the current individual championship? Well, I was shocked when I knew about it from the Facebook posts and that I missed at least 3 rounds. Whom to blame for this?


Before touching the subject of the play itself, let me mention one important factor in the organization of the championship: the playing venue. The first 4 rounds (I think) were played in the ALUMNI Russian Universities Club, then the play was moved to ARARAT Club, then to Tanmiya Club. It seems that the organizers failed to find a suitable playing venue to accommodate the highest national event. This may cause some disturbance in the physical and mental preparations of the participants, not to mention the arbiters’ extra duties in trying to provide the best conditions for the players. On the other hand, an important positive issue pops up: some money were saved!! Hope this will reflect positively on the prizes distribution (yes, I always hope – think positive!).

Now back to the players and the games.

The starting ranking is as follows:



Name IRtg
1 FM Khairallah Faisal 2303
2 FM Najjar Ahmad 2243
3 FM El Jawich Amro 2204
4 FM Kassis Antoine 2147
5 Shamieh Jamal 2127
6 CM Abdulaziz Mahmoud 2123
7 Bassel Charaf 2111
8 Maasarani Mahmoud 2087
9 Asmar Elie 1995
10 Abou El Hussen Amir 1905
11 Hamawi Karim 1871
12 Al Salman Mohamad 1833


The new comers to the final stage are Mohamad Al Salman and the young Karim Hamawi, My first impression was: In a closed cage, how are these 2 young guys going to save their scalp from the attack of 10 lions? Smelling blood, the lions will then turn to each other. raoring. In order to have a chance of being a member of the Olympic team for the next 2016 Olympiad is a more than enough reason to motivate the players to turn their aggression to a lion one, and generate games with decisive results.

Any victims till now? Let’s take a look at the standing cross table after round 6:









Ranking Crosstable after Round 6
Rank SNo. Name Rtg 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Pts
1 4 FM El Jawich Amro 2204 * ½ 1 ½ 1 1 1 5
2 12 FM Najjar Ahmad 2243 * 0 1 1 1 1 1 5
3 1 Asmar Elie 1995 ½ 1 * 1 ½ ½ 1
4 5 FM Khairallah Faisal 2303 0 * ½ 1 1 ½ 1 4
5 10 FM Kassis Antoine 2147 0 ½ * ½ ½ 1 +
6 6 Bassel Charaf 2111 ½ ½ * ½ ½ ½ ½ 3
7 8 Maasarani Mahmoud 2087 0 0 ½ ½ * 1 1 3
8 11 CM Abdulaziz Mahmoud 2123 ½ 0 ½ * 1 ½ 0
9 9 Al Salman Mohamad 1833 0 0 ½ ½ 0 * + 2
10 3 Abou El Hussen Amir 1905 0 0 ½ 0 0 * 1
11 7 Hamawi Karim 1871 0 - ½ 0 ½ - * 1
12 2 Shamieh Jamal 2127 0 0 0 0 1 0 * 1


A lot of ones and zeros.

Except Bassel Charaf, who seems collecting the half points in a Leko style, I am surprised to see that Jamal is in big trouble, as he still has to face Antoine Kassis and Dr. Mahmoud Maasarani in the forthcoming rounds. With 5 points out of 6,  Amro ElJawish and Ahmad Najjar are now in the lead, the former due to his pragmatic style, and the later for his fighting mode. In third position, solo, I am happy for Elie Asmar, Beating Faisal Khairallah with the black pieces, drawing with Amro, and beating Ahmad Najjar is not an easy job to accomplish in one tournament.

As today round 7 will be played, the tournament is at a cross road, especially for Faisal and Antoine, to prove, not only for their supporters, but also for themselves, that they can fight back. The same can be applied to AbdulAziz Mahmoud after his splendid performance in the MCA championship.


Click here to download the games.


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