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Round 7 of the 43rd Olympiad – Batumi 2018

Round 7 of the 43rd Olympiad – Batumi 2018

A dark day

When you scrolled down the moves of the 4 games match between Finland and Lebanon, you go the impression that it is a one side match (the Finnish side). Replay the moves, but more slowly, examine the plans (or the intended ones) from the Lebanese side, you feel that it is not the same players that I know (nearly) their levels.

I tried to justify their losses. One confirmed reason is that the Finnish were not just prepared for this match, but well prepared. Fadi and Maroun were struggling in their opening phase, while Mahdi treated a typical hanging pawns in a somewhat risky manner, exposing his king. His blitzing play could push his opponent to blunder, but that didn’t happen. Could his rapid play have a negative impact on his team mates, not his opponent?

The only hope remains on Amr. An animated Sicilian Kalashnikov was facing him. He succeeded in obtaining a certain advantage and liquidated into an endgame. But due to the complex of the position, he missed the opportunity to infiltrate with a rook on the 7th rank. Again the time pressure has its word, and it was difficult to hold the mass black central pawns.

Before writing this article, I was updating the Elo rating list of the Lebanese players as October 2018. I will let you, dear reader, to check the active players list as well the inactive ones’, and the number of games played. No wonder that the lack of practice and tournaments participation are another reasons that justify the dark round.

Tomorrow is another day.

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