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Round 8 of the 43rd Olympiad – Batumi 2018

Round 8 of the 43rd Olympiad – Batumi 2018

Problems on lower boards

Seeded as 79th, the Singapore team has the right to be optimistic about their match result against the Lebanese one (seeded as 102nd). In my opinion, giving Fadi Eid on the top board the white pieces is a big concern to any of his opponent. Playing like a machine, he dominated his IM opponent in the opening and the middle game, winning a precious pawn. Heading to the ending, one small slip, rendering passive his bishop, enables his opponent a dangerous counter play. Fadi found himself forced to return the extra pawn, leading to share the point with his opponent.

The same scenario happened with Maroun Tomb but with a different result. A well steady play in the opening and middle game from Maroun’ side forced his WGM opponent (yes, no mistake – WGM) to take some risk on the king side. Maroun calculated well, and prepared the counter play with an impeccable defensive measures for his king, which was converted to the full point. Well played Maroun.

I don’t’ know what happened with Tony on board 3. A well-played opening from his side forced his opponent to castle long in order to complicate the position. Tony snatched the g-pawn and kept his advantage. Some minor threats executed by his opponent pushed him to panic in choosing the correct setup of defense. The Singaporean player profited from those lower defensive moves, and won a bishop. Pushing the black a-pawn to his destiny forced Tony to stop the clock. I am sure that Tony will find what he missed during his post-mortem analysis.

I will refrain from commenting on Mahdi’s loss on board 4. Blitzing (or even bulleting) the moves is justified only when one is sure that the issuing position is equal on terms or a certain winning novelty is going to strike on the board.

Anyway, the loss by 1.5 -2.5 to Singapore could be avoided.

As you noticed, with except of Round 3 report (where the only picture I could upload from the Olympiad is for Tony), I continue uploading photos from the Opening ceremony. Strange as no photos for Lebanese players can be found on the official site of the Olympiad, nor on Facebook  (as other teams have plenty of photos and clips here and there on FB, even during the round play!). Any help?

All the good luck against Nigeria.

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