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Judit Polgar: The Princess of Chess

Judit Polgar: The Princess of Chess

Author: Tibor Karolyi

Editor: Batsford, 2004, 290 pages

Can you give me the name of the player who beat Kasparov, Karpov, Anand and Topalov?!!!!!!!!! May I add Smyslov , Spassky ?!!! One more?  Ponomariov?!!! Not to mention the legends like Ivantchuk, Shirov. Just to name a few. The only person who succeeded in collecting their scalps is: Judit Polgar.

What a great feeling when I received in my mailbox Karolyi’s first book, with a special dedication from the author himself. I couldn’t believe my eyes: A book written by the Polgars’ coach. I usually read chess book from cover to cover. But this one, I didn’t permit myself to slip a character, nor a variation. I am warning you from now: Don’t skip any variation. You will miss a lot.

What distinguishes this book is that even Judit’s childhood is covered, her ascending road to the chess summit, the (tactical) battles with the legends,  especially her ability to create attacking positions against them.

The book contains 89 analyzed and instructive games. But due to the growing size of the materials, a lot of Judit’s games were introduced in the annotations.

Karolyi wrote in the first sentence of the Introduction: Judit Polgar is without doubt the strongest chess player ever, and later: She never participated in the women’s individual world championship. This is an enough motif to grasp the book.

I hope that a new edition will be on the market, with at least 2 volumes, so that the excellent technique of the famous trainer can prevail, with more sparkling games of Judit.

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